Saturday, September 21, 2013

perishable, it said

Perishable, It Said
by Jane Hirshfield

Perishable, it said on the plastic container,
and below, in different ink,
the date to be used by, the last teaspoon consumed. 
I found myself looking:
now at the back of each hand,
now inside the knees,
now turning over each foot to look at the sole. 
Then at the leaves of the young tomato plants,
then at the arguing jays. 
Under the wooden table and lifted stones, looking.
Coffee cups, olives, cheeses,
hunger, sorrow, fears—
these too would certainly vanish, without knowing when. 
How suddenly then
the strange happiness took me,
like a man with strong hands and strong mouth,
inside that hour with its perishing perfumes and clashings.


  1. Dipping into Jane Hirshfield. Wonderful poem, such true thought. Thank you (and of course the photo is gorgeous).

  2. Isn't that a start considering the "use by" date on anything around us. That's how I felt about taking a walk yesterday...something I hadn't done in a week!


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