Monday, September 23, 2013

lost and found

I travelled the old road every day, I took my fruits to the market,
my cattle to the meadows, I ferried my boat across the stream and
all the ways were well known to me.

One morning my basket was heavy with wares. Men were busy in
the fields, the pastures crowded with cattle; the breast of earth
heaved with the mirth of ripening rice. 
Suddenly there was a tremor in the air, and the sky seemed to
kiss me on my forehead. My mind started up like the morning out of
I forgot to follow the track. I stepped a few paces from the
path, and my familiar world appeared strange to me, like a flower
I had only known in bud. 
My everyday wisdom was ashamed. I went astray in the fairyland
of things. It was the best luck of my life that I lost my path that
morning, and found my eternal childhood. 

― Rabindranath Tagore


  1. Oh my, this is SO beautiful.

    :) I have a copy of Tagore's book Gitanjali and have cherished that one since I received it.

    Love the line, the sky seemed to kiss me on the forehead. It is simple and deep.

    Tagore has such a warm style as well. Perfect for a chilly morning as today.

  2. Sigh. Oh, I am promising myself a drive down some unfamiliar country road soon... What beautiful words, Tagore has!

  3. Ha-HA! :) Yes! "It was the best luck of my life that I lost my path that morning, and found my eternal childhood." I love it. Makes me smile inside - allowing oneself to "leave the path" and find innocence again. Let's play! - in spirit of course...

  4. Whenever it happens, it's magical! I love that Tagore expressed it the way we feel it...and that you showed the surprise of it, Ruth.


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