Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I dwell in possibility

I dwell in Possibility – (466)
by Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility –
A fairer House than Prose –
More numerous of Windows –
Superior – for Doors –

Of Chambers as the Cedars –
Impregnable of eye –
And for an everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky –

Of Visitors – the fairest –
For Occupation – This –
The spreading wide my narrow Hands
To gather Paradise –


  1. I feel a murmuration coming on, Sister. :)

  2. i long to see this many birds. we don't have this this far north. we don't get to see groups like this or the murmurations. have you seen this video? and then i met james and the murmurations of indiana. i am so glad.

    today i saw ducks, crows, heard geese, saw a robin (or the same robin twice) - this and your photograph heals me for that which i need healing.


    1. I had not seen this one, Erin. I am surprised you don't have these flocks up there . . . and sorry, though the discovery is wonderful for you it sounds like.

      I saw another such video after first seeing the starlings' murmuration here at the farm a few years ago, when this photo was taken. I went out to the deck for something or other and heard squawks, jabbers and all sorts of bird sounds, deafeningly! There they were, flocking, perching, moving as one. Don said they are starlings, and so I looked up YouTube and found one showing these ribbons of flight that are astonishing. In some places this happens daily! though not here.

      I'm grateful for the healing. Love to you.


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