Saturday, April 27, 2013


by César Vallejo 
I feel that God is traveling
so much in me, with the dusk and the sea.
With him we go along together. It is getting dark.
With him we get dark. All orphans . . .  
But I feel God. And it even seems
that he sets aside some good color for me.
He is kind and sad, like those who care for the sick;
he whispers with sweet contempt like a lover's:
his heart must give him great pain. 
Oh, my God, I've only just come to you,
today I love so much in this twilight; today
that in the false balance of some breasts
I weigh and weep for a frail Creation. 
And you, what do you weep for . . . you, in love
with such an immense and whirling breast. . . .
I consecrate you, God, because you love so much;
because you never smile; because your heart
must all the time give you great pain.

— translated by Robert Bly


  1. césar vallejo...what more can be said? a complicated poet of pain and redemption, as this world is complicated (your photograph noting), cursed and redeemed.


  2. Because God loves so much...a tear AND a smile (surely God does smile?!).

    1. The heart of God seen through the heart of a man, who perhaps suffered more than his share. . . ?


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