Saturday, August 24, 2013

living presence

If you think the cosmos is just a bunch of dead matter wheeling around and around in its own gyrations, a self-sufficient mechanism which just happened to happen, then nothing I say will make any sense at all. I am talking about the living presence of things, the unmistakable quivering energy alive in all things. Every form of apartness and togetherness is living and free, quivering and breathing. I bow before its majesty and before the living God, because the face of God is in everything. 

— William Everson, Birth of a Poet


  1. today i come to this quote in a different kind of wonder. we do quiver! we do not remain in one constant state, not even of joy and awe, but oscillate to the darker places. and so then from the darker places, the truth remaining true, that god is in everything, or everything is comprised of god, or in the least that everything is connected, what then? i try to see and to hold - one person looking at the same truth but from different perspectives. i'm not sure what this means.

    it seems to me the external world remains, and could it always be indifferent, and that it is the internal world in each of us, always so varied, that holds such a dangerous (and wealth yielding)range of perspectives?

    what does it mean to have the capacity to think and not simply hum in the vibration of being?


  2. and is our thinking, in the end, irrelevant?

  3. Lovely post and quote Ruth! "the living presence of things." Yes! You *know* I resonate :) lol Am delightfully quivering, in awe of the living, breathing, intelligence that we are - where "thinking" happens :)... The Mystery of Being...

  4. For me, Ruth, the title says it all!


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