Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ordinary time

Which are the magic
moments in ordinary
time? All of them,
for those who can see.

— Tim Dlugos, from "Ordinary Time"
Read the whole poem here

[Susie at the cottage in 2009, making me birthday pie]


  1. this simplicity should be the embodiment of our life.

    i see you sculpt the peach:) i know that kind of sink, that kind of window, that kind of honesty in place. when did we begin to want at more? this is a part of the more less that we should hunger for. can you imagine how we will be fed in winter remembering such times?


    1. Erin, this is at the lake cottage four years ago and is my friend Susie cutting peaches for a pie for me for my birthday. I am happy you recognize the simple things in this place which I love too. Our farm home is similar; I want life like this. We just lost power for about an hour, and I knew it would be a shortlived thing, and that I would not have to worry for the loss of food. Simple life is more connected with the value of things. Imagine if we feared the wintertime and running out!

  2. When I saw this image yesterday, Ruth, I thought of doing dishes in that sink with the tub and being able to rinse off to the side. I always loved that simple way of doing dishes at the cottgae...never knowing that THAT would be how I'd be doing dishes here where I now live my life in the Netherlands. I think I have always been prepared for ordinary simplicity?!


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