Monday, July 22, 2013

any portion

“The world is big but it is comprehensible," says R. Buckminster Fuller. But it seems to me that the world is not nearly big enough and that any portion of its surface, left unpaved and alive, is infinitely rich in details and relationships, in wonder, beauty, mystery comprehensible only in part. The very existence of existence is itself suggestive of the unknown - not a problem, but a mystery. We will never get to the bottom of it, never know the whole of even so small and trivial and useless and precious a place as Aravaipa. Therein lies our redemption.

― Edward Abbey, The Serpents of Paradise: A Reader

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  1. I can just hear someone like Nelson start exclaiming in certain situations "Not a problem, but a mystery!" :) I'll have to rememebr that, Ruth!


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