Saturday, June 29, 2013

in love

We are so lightly here. It is in love that we are made. In love we disappear.

― Leonard Cohen


  1. i have to keep training and retraining my mind to realize these are children and not the adults getting married. but this is you? are we ever not children?

    for a moment i ask, and what if no love? love is the only and closest thing to purpose we might have.

    (your new profile photograph is gorgeous, ruth)))


    1. Erin, it's one of my favorite photos and favorite memories. I was (yes me) in my brother's wedding in 1965 (I was 8, almost 9), standing with his wife's brother. I was so thrilled to be honored this way. The image is truly strange in the way you say, and I had not seen it that way before I found it in my archives yesterday, that these two children look like bride and groom.

      (Thank you. I cut my hair shorter than it's been in a long while. There is something difficult in this for me, but of course it is not essential. :) )

  2. Exactly as Erin says, Ruthie, it's as though you and Bud are the celebrated party! I had that same reaction! BTW, is that Myrtle Wiseman behind you on the left??? :)

  3. You were so serious, I could write a lot about this picture, the thoughts I give to each character...


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