Thursday, June 20, 2013


In any random, sprawling, decomposing thing
is the charming string
of its history—and what it will be next.

— May Swenson, from "Distance and a Certain Light"
with thanks to Billy Collins at The Writer's Almanac, June 19
Read the whole poem here.


  1. Love your photo Ruth! And love those lines. "...the charming string of its history." We just hold so much history don't we... Read the whole poem and also love the first stanza: "Distance and a certain light make everything artistic..." What I call my "art" always looks better in dim light. lol :) But I get the point, it's really how we perceive things, HOW we are looking at it, whether we see beauty or junk... Thanks

  2. We, too, are in the process of "decomposing," Ruth, and are getting more and more beautiful with every passing day...don't you think?! Even with our "string" of history. :) I love it.


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