Monday, November 11, 2013

in times when nothing stood

In times when nothing stood
but worsened, or grew strange,
there was one constant good:
             she did not change. 
— Philip Larkin, 2 March 1978


  1. Don't you wonder who "she" is, Ruth? I suppose we can make her be anyone/thing?

  2. Apparently, 'she' is Queen Elizabeth II, Ginnie! (Although it matters not, and it's probably best to leave it vague.)

  3. Certaines chose gagnent en charme, à leur façon de ne pas changer. Elles deviennent des repaires pour nos âmes en mélancolie.


  4. A miserable man in general, but you can't help liking his poems - or at least I can't. (I do wish he'd cheered up occasionally though.)


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